IELI is all about our students

IELI is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that everything we do is for our students, not for owners or shareholders.

IELI provides a high quality educational experience

IELI provides high quality English language training to help students improve all aspects of their English language skills. At our school, students study in two separate classes – Reading & Writing and Listening & Communication. Students can be placed in different levels for their different classes. This means, for example, that if your speaking is better than your writing, you will be placed in a higher level class for Listening & Communication than for Reading & Writing. This way, you can challenge yourself to improve in your strong areas and get some extra help to improve in your weak areas.

It also means that our curriculum is very balanced, with equal time spent on all the skill areas, not just focusing on reading and writing only.

We also offer extra classes in the afternoon that students can attend for no extra cost. These classes offer additional practice in specific areas, like pronunciation, and there are also classes just for practicing conversation with local university students.

IELI is more than an education provider; it’s a community

IELI is committed to providing more than just an education – we want to provide our students with a wonderful experience and for our students to become part of the international community at our school.

IELI students come from many different countries. We normally have between 20 and 30 different nationalities studying with us, with students from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. We strongly encourage students to work together with students from other countries, and often use group work in class to encourage this.

We also have a strong student activities programme, called the IELI Culture Club. Every week, we have social activities for students to join and meet other students. We offer winery tours, trips to the Adelaide zoo, Adelaide hills tours, city tours, ice-skating, and many other fun activities. Students are always accompanied on activities by IELI staff and activities are free or offered at less than cost.

IELI offers opportunities to engage with the local community

The IELI volunteering programme provides opportunities for students to volunteer in local community organisations. It’s a great way to meet local people and to help other people.

The IELI job help service provides information about how to find part-time work in Adelaide with CV writing practice and help with interview techniques. Getting a part-time job not only helps students to earn some money while they’re studying but is also a great way to meet local people.