Airport Reception

IELI offers a free airport pick up for the student (upon request). Airport pick up is for the student only. When you confirm your course, IELI will send an airport reception request form. Please complete this form at least 5 days before your arrival for airport reception.


Homestay Placement and Support

IELI has a full-service homestay placement and support service. IELI homestay offers a private room and full board. More importantly, homestay offers a chance to practice your English and be part of Australian life. The IELI homestay coordinator is available to help with any questions or communication problems as you adjust to your new home.


Orientation Program

In your first few weeks at IELI, the orientation program will help you adjust to life in a new environment. This program will cover information about healthcover, accommodation, living and enjoying life in Adelaide, health and safety, study skills and required information about visas and school rules.

Front Desk Services

IELI’s friendly Front Desk Service Team gets very high ratings from our students. At any time, you can ask our friendly staff questions and most of the time, they can help you themselves. If not, they will direct you to the best place to get help.

Library Access

The IELI library and on-line study portal has a range of practice materials to help students work on their weak areas, or just enjoy extra study. IELI students also have access to Flinders University library facilities for advanced level assignments.

University ID Card

Full-Time IELI students will receive a university ID card for access to campus facilities and student concession prices on transport and entertainment.

Study Assistance and Advising

IELI has many ways to help you in your studies. IELI Level Coordinators help individual students organise their study plans to ensure that they reach their goals and improve their language in all skill areas. Individual study plans may include taking extra classes which are offered in the afternoon for no additional charge.

Job Finding Assistance

IELI provides weekly classes and an on-line portal to help students who want to find part-time jobs or volunteer opportunities in Adelaide.


IELI Activities

IELI offers organized activities and information about entertainment and special events in Adelaide to help students have a great experience while they are studying. Students can also access activities arranged by Study Adelaide.

Emergency Support

All IELI students will received an emergency support number in case they need support from IELI staff on evenings or weekends.