The aim of the course is to provide candidates with strategies, skills and experience to deal with the challenges of OET.

Minimum enrolment: 3 weeks

Maximum enrolment: 10 weeks

To succeed in this course, an English level of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent is recommended.

Only full-time study will support the requirements of a student visa.

Full-time Package
5 Day Package (Monday – Friday) $410/wk

Part-time OET Packages
Option 1

One Day Package: $90/wk
Two Day Package: $180/wk
Three Day Package: $270/wk
Four Day Package: $360/wk

Part-time OET Package
Option 2

1x OET Workshop
1x OET Mock Test Day


The timetable below allows students to prepare full time or part time depedinding on their individual needs. Each skill area is taught by experienced, friendly and supportive teachers who want to help you succeed.

9am – 1pm
OET Speaking & Support
Practise role plays
Receive feedback from experienced interlocutors
Develop communication skills for OET and the workplace
9am – 1pm
OET Listening & Listening Support
Develop skills in note-taking and test taking
Practise with authentic listening materials
Practise both Part A & Part B subtests
Receive feedback
9am – 1pm
OET Writing & Writing Support
Develop an understanding of case notes
Review grammar and sentence structure
Practise writing letters
Receive individual feedback focusing on grammar and organization
9am – 1pm
OET Reading & Reading Support
Learn strategies for the reading test
Develop better reading skills
Practise both part a & part b subtests
Receive feedback
Friday (Week 1)
9am – 1pm
OET Workshop
Focus on the areas you need to improve in with the support of an experienced OET teacher
Discuss tips and strategies for the test
Answer any questions
Provide short authentic tasks
Assess students’ letters
Provide feedback
Friday (Week 2)
9am – 1pm
Full Mock OET Test
Have an authentic test day experience
Practise with actual testing day staff
Receive individual feedback and grades for all 4 subtests

6 – 7


Preparation for professional work in health related fields in Australia including preparation for the OET exam. (This is not a pathway to university.)


Documentary films, interviews, model professional interactions and correspondence, articles and case studies on health related issues, OET Practice materials


Professional speaking and writing formats in healthcare fields, written articles and case study reports, reading comprehension and listening skills on healthcare topics, competence in completing OET exam tasks

Test Practice