IELI has gained a reputation for providing quality study tours for a range of group types. Each study tour is different, but the IELI commitment is to provide a programs which are challenging, creative and well-organized.

Study tours combine the following components to provide the best experience for each group.

English classes are taught by experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who enjoy the intensity of short-term programs. Classes are focussed according to group goals, but all classes aim to build confidence, so that students return home with new enthusiasm for developing English proficiency.

Educational Content Focus gives a purpose to the study tour. For high school student and university students the content can be cultural comparison or it can focus on a specific topic. IELI has provided successful programs in science, education, environmental studies, cultural comparisons, child care, teacher training, etc.

Professional Content Focus can also be created for professional groups. Past programs include Leadership Training for the Civil Service Commission of Timor Leste and English for University Teaching for lecturers of Brawijaya University. IELI can work together with our university partners to create a quality content based program to suit professional groups.

Excursions include educational and professional visits which help the participants practice their English while learning about the content area. Cultural and tourist excursions also enable the group to explore the unique cultural and natural beauty of the Adelaide area. IELI escorts on excursions provide an additional opportunity for participants to communicate with both teachers and peers outside the classroom setting.

Interaction with Peers is another important part of the IELI experience. IELI can arrange school visits, sports days, and other activities with both Australian and International students from around the world. Frequent opportunities to speak English in a relaxed atmosphere is a great way to build confidence in using English and make new friends as well.

Homestay Accommodation provides an additional learning environment where participants can use English as they get to know a local family and experience the Australian lifestyle from within.

At IELI we focus on small group intensive study for high quality results. Our class sizes are generally limited to 16 students and group sizes to around 10-40 students. We aim for personalised contact with students as part of this quality.

The price range depends on group size, type and number of excursions and specialist teaching requirements.