IELI Application Process
  1. Complete the online or downloaded enrolment form and send it to IELI. If you need help with your enrolment of visa application, you may choose to work with one of IELI’s agents. (FIND AN AGENT)
  2. IELI will send you an offer letter. If you are applying for a student visa, you may also be asked to complete a Genuine Temporary Entrant Questionnaire before we send the offer letter. The purpose of this questionnaire is to make sure that your plans are likely to be accepted by Australia Immigration.
  3. In order to confirm your place in the course, you must pay the fees, which we will explain in the offer letter. You should also read the Conditions of Enrolment carefully and sign the offer letter to agree to these conditions.
  4. IELI will then sent the Confirmation of Enrolment form for your student visa application.
  5. You can find information about student visas at This site also explains the rules for studying for short periods on other valid visas.
  6. If you have airport pick up, please send IELI the Airport Reception Request form at least five days before your arrival in Adelaide.
Apply Online

Click the button below to go to our online application form.


Download an Application Form

If you choose not to apply online you can download our PDF application form below and submit it to us by either, post, email, fax, IELI Agent or in person at the college. Click the button below to download an application form.