Excellent professionals to ensure that you achieve your goal of learning English. The best Institute ever. Recommended 100%

David Murillo

IELI OET preparation course helped me a lot while I was preparing to get B in the OET writing. Through the course, I realised my weakness in my writing and could get some useful tips to pass the OET. Particularly, writing feedbacks from Sue, the OET tutor made me to avoid same mistakes in the future and to develop my writing skills. If you are looking for help to pass OET, I strongly recommend to take this course. You will get what you want and freshly updated OET information as well.

Sunyung Park

IELI at Flinders University not only saved my time but also money. Before joining IELI, I had tried three times to get B in OET but was unsuccessful. I used different tutors, online practice exams and self- study but in vain. Eventually, I realised that I need guidance from a genuine OET tutor & institute. At IELI, the teachers were able to identify the issues in my English skills immediately. I became very confident even before exam. I have got the required grades now. I would recommend everyone to choose IELI to save time & money.


I took OET preparation course about 10 weeks. This course are excellent and extremely helpful for students. Because all teachers are kind and always took care of my concern, and they provided experienced advices. From this course, I could understand OET system and how to study each subject. This 10 weeks was definitely valuable time for me.