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Social Clubs and Activities

Chat with other students in a fun, relaxed atmosphere! Facilitated by our teachers and staff, this is a great opportunity to connect, make friends and speak to other students in Australia and around the world. Make a cup of tea of coffee and practice your spoken English in a more casual context, share your experiences, ask questions and be part of our community!

Relax, meet new friends and have a laugh! Join IELI staff and other online students for virtual games like ‘Among Us’, ‘Pictionary’ and ‘Houseparty’. Get competitive or just join in for the fun of it!

Watching movies is a fun way to improve your listening skills. Watch a movie with your teacher over several sessions and then discuss the movie in groups. Complete comprehension exercises together, learn new vocabulary and phrases, and get an introduction to different cultures at the same time!

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Level-up Your English

Gain confidence and communicate more clearly! Good pronunciation is not just about individual sounds – we also look at the rhythm and speed of your speech and using emphasis in phrases and sentences to clearly get your meaning across. Our teachers give you constant feedback and support to help you speak clearly and confidently.

Are you looking for part time work while you study, or planning a career in Australia? This session will help you to achieve your professional goals. Practice taking part in meetings, understanding Australian accents, writing emails and CVs and understanding work documents and policies.

Bring your writing to life! This session will help you to accurately describe experiences and situations with imagination and depth. Students are taught how to develop ideas at a more complex level, using a full variety of functional language and descriptive vocabulary.

Participate in group discussions and short writing activities to gain valuable feedback from your teacher on how to improve your spoken and written accuracy. Focus on the correct choice of vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar as well as pronunciation and expression.

Improve your English while learning about interesting topics! Watch documentaries on a diverse range of topics to improve your listening skills. Listen to authentic English in the real world and learn to respond with your own opinions. Complete comprehension exercises and discuss the issues together.

Read about current events in Australia. Improve your reading comprehension and discuss the news with your teacher and classmates. Practice using a wide range of reading strategies, develop your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of Australian society and culture.

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Academic English Skills

Practice your academic listening skills by listening to recorded lectures together. Develop note taking skills to understand and use this information in your studies. Listen to group discussions in tutorial and workshop settings. Become accustomed to listening to a range of different accents in English.

Improve your academic and professional writing. Learn how to correct grammatical problems that students commonly experience. Discover different sentence types and how to use a wide range of clauses and phrases. Develop strategies for editing and proofreading.

Learn how to speak in more depth about current topics around the world today. Learn useful hints and tips to speak in more detail and keep a conversation going. Share and support your opinions with your group members and gain valuable feedback from your teacher to improve your use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Where can I find the information I need to complete my assignments? How do I know that it’s reliable? In this session, we focus on how to find the best quality information for your assignments. We focus on creating good study habits, organising our research so we become efficient learners and developing good critical thinking skills to find the right information and use it correctly.

Do you ever read something three or four times, recognise all the words, but can’t understand it? Reading isn’t just about vocabulary. It’s about understanding how language fits together. In this session, we look at different reading strategies, note taking skills and becoming an active reader to identify and use important information.

Learn to accurately use academic texts in university assignments. Report and comment on other people’s ideas in an academic context. Practice your paraphrasing, quoting, summarising and referencing. Focus on critical thinking and using ideas for a purpose in our writing and speaking.

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Aussie Culture and Communication

This session focuses on living arrangements and homestay, getting to know your homestay parents, life around the home and how to access services like public transport. We learn transactional English, asking and answering questions and speaking politely.

This session gives an introduction to Australian culture and society. We will look at social expectations, differences between Australian culture and your culture and how to deal with culture shock. We’ll learn how to speak in more detail by comparing and contrasting and expressing how we feel in unfamiliar situations.

This session shows you different ways to make friends in Australia and be part of the community. We look at joining groups, clubs and activities, volunteering and making friends at uni. Learn how to start a conversation and keep it going. Focus on Australian accents and common informal expressions.

Learn about Adelaide and all the fun things you can do here. We’ll look at the most famous attractions, what to do on weekends, shopping in Adelaide and how to organise a plan with a friend. Learn about Adelaide’s festivals, amazing restaurants and food culture, live music scene and night life.

Find out what it’s like to study at university in Adelaide. We’ll explore the differences between education in your country and Australia and talk about the importance of participation and group work. We’ll learn how to make suggestions, politely disagree and interrupt in a group discussion.

Get regular exercise by walking in your home town, track your kilometres and share your results. IELI staff will take the class’ results and map out a virtual tour of South Australia, sharing information about the interesting history, landmarks and attractions of our beautiful state. Tell us about the landmarks in your area too!

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IELTS and PTE Test Preparation

This session focuses on the reading and writing sections of the PTE and IELTS examinations. Reading skills and test question types are covered in class, and test-specific writing practice is provided. You will also receive detailed feedback on your written content, structure, vocabulary and grammar.

This session focuses on the reading and writing sections of the PTE and IELTS examinations. Reading skills and test question types are covered in class, and test-specific writing practice is provided. You will also receive detailed feedback on your written content, structure, vocabulary and grammar.

This session gives you an opportunity to practice the listening and reading sections of the PTE and IELTS examinations under test conditions. Once the practice test is complete, you will receive detailed feedback on your test performance and have a chance to discuss your results with your teacher.

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