Whether students are studying in the General English or English for Academic Preparation course, the class teachers give extensive individual feedback and advice throughout the course to help students achieve their learning goals.

IELI has a Director of Studies at each campus. The Director of Studies is available to discuss academic progress issues and to design tailored intervention plans for any students who are having difficulty progressing. Intervention plans can include additional support classes, extra resources for studying at home, or one-on-one tutoring.

IELI also offers extra support classes in the afternoon that students can attend for no extra cost. These classes offer additional practice in specific areas, like pronunciation, and there are also classes just for practicing conversation with local university students.

Students in the EAP course are assigned at least one support class based on their individual needs. Both EAP and General English students can choose to attend up to three support classes per week.

Class teachers and the Director of Studies can advise students on which support classes will be most beneficial for their learning needs.

The Director of Studies can also provide advice on further study options for students who wish to continue studying after their English course.