The IELI Commitment

IELI is committed to working with students to provide the best English language education and service possible. We believe that communication is the key to providing good service and helping students get the most benefit from our programs.

We cannot promise that everything will be perfect during your stay. However, we will work hard to communicate with students, and listen to their concerns. We will not always be able to meet all student expectations, but we promise to explain our policies and courses carefully and to help students adjust to differences in culture and educational style.

Because good service depends on clear communication, we ask that students work with us to create the best school possible.

If you have a question or concern, please talk to someone at the school. (Also tell us when you are happy with a particular IELI class, activity, or service.) This communication helps us improve our school.

IELI is located on the campus of Flinders University. Studying on a university campus is an excellent way to learn about the culture of Australian education. As an IELI student, you will get a Flinders University ID card. You will be able to use the facilities of the university, and join university activities and clubs.

The IELI Curriculum

IELI starts at a beginner level and helps students build their English ability step by step. Each level teaches new language skills and gives students a lot of practice and feedback to help them use new structures and expressions.

Students are placed separately by skill area (reading and writing, listening and speaking). For example, if your speaking is better than your writing, you will be placed in a higher level speaking class and a lower level writing class. You can challenge yourself to improve in your strong areas and get some extra help to improve in your weak areas.

The IELI curriculum will help you become more fluent in English as well as focussing on pronunciation, accuracy, and organisational structure. This balance between many aspects of English helps students reach the highest possible standard of English for their success in the future.

The IELI curriculum is not easy. Students are expected to work hard, to ask questions, and to use every opportunity to use and improve their language skills. Teachers and students work together to help every student reach his or her goals as quickly as possible.

IELI Classes

IELI teachers are friendly, experienced and interesting people. Many teachers have studied or worked overseas, so they understand the feelings of the students and can help them adjust to life and study in Adelaide. IELI staff work hard to provide the best quality education and experience for our students.

IELI is committed to promoting responsible global citizenship. IELI classes encourage students to learn about the world and to use their English skills to express ideas on important issues affecting their future.

IELI has students from many different countries. Our students are our greatest strength. We encourage all students to interact with each other and to learn about all of the fascinating cultures which make up the IELI community.

  • Number of Students: 180 – 250 (IELI also has students at IELI City)
  • Number of Nationalities: 20 – 30
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Minimum Class Size: 5
  • Average Class Size: 12
  • Weekly Class Hours: 22 – 25 hours
The IELI Community

Studying overseas is not just an education, it is an experience. When you study overseas, you are away from your family and friends. Your school will become like your second family. You will learn as much from other students as you will learn from your teachers. At IELI, we encourage students to make friends with students from other countries and to support each other. Students often work together in groups, so each student is an important part of the class community. Teachers also take time to get to know their students and to support them in the study goals. Our goal is to provide a friendly and supportive place for each student to do their best.

Usually, there are between 20 and 30 nationalities studying at IELI. This includes students from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America and Africa. Our teachers come from Australia, the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Iran, Syria, Argentina, Nigeria, and Singapore.  Teachers are happy to share their experience and knowledge to make classes interesting and exciting.  IELI uses group work in classes to help students get to know each other and practice communicating in English with a variety of people. At IELI, you can learn about the world and its people. We hope that you will be interested in joining our IELI family.