Visa Requirements

Please review the requirements of your visa before coming to Australia. The requirements will explain your responsibilities under the immigration laws and the National Code. These requirements are explained in detail on the IELI website. If you come to Australia on a student visa, agreeing to all conditions in the IELI student enrolment agreement was a condition of your enrolment. Basic visa rules are reviewed below. Please visit for specific questions about your visa.

Visitor Visa:

  • Students can only study for 2 sessions (10 weeks) at IELI.
  • Students may not work in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa:

  • Students can only study for 3 sessions (15 weeks) at IELI.

Student Visa:

  • Students must attend 80% of all required classes. IELI teachers will take attendance in every class. If you are late for class, it will count as ½ of an absence.
  • Students must make regular progress in their studies. IELI will help you with your studies, but if you fail the same topic more than twice, you may be reported to immigration for failure to progress.
  • Students may work no more than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight during school terms. Work hours may not prevent students from attending classes!
  • Students must register their address with IELI within 7 days of moving to a new address.
  • Students will need a letter of release in order to transfer to another school in the first six months of study at IELI. IELI will only grant letters of release if there has been a significant change in circumstances since the student signed the IELI offer letter.