Welcome to IELI

Thank you for choosing IELI as your English school. The staff at IELI hopes that you will have a great experience and that you will be satisfied with your achievement at our school.

Please take some time to learn about the rules, services and advice in this website. You can refer back to these pages at any time when you have questions.

You should also get to know the friendly Front Desk Team at IELI. They can give you information about IELI and local services. Asking questions will give you a chance to use your English, build confidence and feel comfortable in your new school. The Front Desk Team will help you find the best person to answer your questions.

IELI also has a problem solving policy. If you are unhappy about something at IELI, please talk to us. We might not be able to solve the problem 100%, but we will try our best to explain IELI policies and listen to your opinion. You can always bring a friend to help you explain your question or help translate for good communication.

Visa Requirements

Please review the requirements of your visa before coming to Australia. The requirements will explain your responsibilities under the immigration laws and the National Code. These requirements are explained in detail on the IELI website. If you come to Australia on a student visa, agreeing to all conditions in the IELI student enrolment agreement was a condition of your enrolment. Basic visa rules are reviewed below. Please visit www.immi.gov.au for specific questions about your visa.

Visitor Visa:

  • Students can only study for 2 sessions (10 weeks) at IELI.
  • Students may not work in Australia.

Working Holiday Visa:

  • Students can only study for 3 sessions (15 weeks) at IELI.

Student Visa:

  • Students must attend 80% of all required classes. IELI teachers will take attendance in every class. If you are late for class, it will count as ½ of an absence.
  • Students must make regular progress in their studies. IELI will help you with your studies, but if you fail the same topic more than twice, you may be reported to immigration for failure to progress.
  • Students may work no more than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight during school terms. Work hours may not prevent students from attending classes!
  • Students must register their address with IELI within 7 days of moving to a new address.
  • Students will need a letter of release in order to transfer to another school in the first six months of study at IELI. IELI will only grant letters of release if there has been a significant change in circumstances since the student signed the IELI offer letter.
IELI Classes
Class Expectations

Active Participation
IELI classes depend on the active participation and cooperation of all students. When all students are working hard and communicating with each other in English, the classes are exciting and beneficial for all students. At IELI, we want students to study hard, but we also want them to be enthusiastic class members.

Regular Attendance
It is a requirement of student visas that all students attend 80% of their classes. However, at IELI it is important to come to class every day unless you are sick. You should come to class on time with your homework ready every day. Because IELI classes are intensive, every missed class will affect your ability to get a good mark and pass the class.

If you miss a class because you are sick, you should talk to your teacher about any work you missed. Teachers may refuse to allow you to make up tests if you do not have a medical certificate for the missed class.

Completion of Homework
All homework is given a clear due date. Late work may not be accepted or may get a lower mark. Please talk to your teacher if you are having difficulty completing your homework.

Academic Honesty
IELI classes will include both group and individual assignments. Students must complete individual assignments by themselves. It is not permitted to copy from a source or another person. It is also not permitted to have a homestay family member or friend check your work. When you hand in your individual assignment, you must be sure that the work is 100% yours.

In the advanced levels, you will learn more about academic honesty in Australia. The rules for academic honesty are different in different countries, so it is very important that you listen carefully to your teacher concerning this topic.


IELI has a very strict English Only policy. Students must speak only English in the IELI building (Front Desk, Corridor, Student Lounge) and all classrooms.

Students must follow this rule even at break and lunch time. Students are permitted to eat lunch in the IELI Lounge and classrooms, but only if all members are speaking English.

Get ready to follow the English Only rule straight away. When you come to IELI for testing day, please meet your new classmates using only English!

IELI realizes that there are some very stressful situations. In these cases, it is important for students to be able to use an interpreter to explain their situation clearly. In these cases, students may bring a classmate, agent or other representative to interpret for them. (If you cannot find someone to interpret for you, please ask IELI. We will try to find someone to help.)