If you will live with an IELI host family, please read the IELI homestay information carefully. Living with a family from another culture is very challenging. The information included in the homestay guide will help you adapt to the homestay accommodation.

If you plan to find your own accommodation, the following page on the Flinders University website ( will give you some information on how to find accommodation.

When you choose accommodation, it is important to choose carefully. Do not choose accommodation based on price only. You should also consider transport routes, safety, and suitability of the accommodation. If you have any difficulties with your accommodation, please make an appointment to see the IELI director. She cannot help you directly, but she can work with you to discuss possible options for solving accommodation difficulties.

If you ever feel unsafe in your accommodation, don’t hesitate to ring the police. IELI can also arrange temporary homestay accommodation if you need to leave your accommodation for safety reasons.

Please note students must give the IELI front desk their address within 7 days of changing to a new address. This is a student visa requirement.

Public Transport

All buses, trains and trams in Adelaide are operated by Adelaide Metro.

Tel: 1800 182 160

Visit the Adelaide Metro website

You can also add the AdelaideMetro App to your smart phone!

Exploring Adelaide

Don’t forget to have fun in Adelaide. Take part in IELI Activities, but try exploring on your own and with friends. Some useful links for exploring Adelaide are: