The General English course helps student acquire language structures and vocabulary through content discussions, reading and listening. Students are challenged to develop both fluency and accuracy as well as cross cultural communication skills in the general English course.  At the upper level, students are challenge to extend the range and complexity of their language in order to reach the proficiency level.

IELI’s general English course is for students who want to improve their language for personal growth, better professional opportunities, travel and social interaction.  Because students have different reasons for learning English, teachers work to provide a range of activities according to individual and group goals.

Materials in the program may include TOEIC and Cambridge test practice if students request this practice. Research shows that learning another language improves an individual’s brain power and social skills.  National development is also connected to English proficiency.


0 – 7


22 hours per week with classes Monday to Friday

Mode of Study

on campus


Personal interest or professional communicative ability


Literature, current events, popular culture, movies, and cultural topics


Social conversation and discussion, situational speaking, English for the work place, reading, and listening comprehension skills