IELI specialises in preparing students for university study in Australia or other English speaking countries.  Students who study at IELI have an edge over students to enter university through exam preparation courses.  These courses teach a narrow range of skills which do not fully prepare students for the complexity of university assignments.

University study requires more than a knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.  Each culture has its own traditions for learning and presenting information.  IELI helps students become more flexible in their learning strategies through content instruction and step by step guidance for completing academic assignments.

IELI teachers are interested in a wide range of topics and their enthusiasm make the academic course interesting and dynamic.  Student often comment that they learn not only English at IELI, but also learn important knowledge about challenges, discoveries and current issues in the world.

0 – 7

22 hours per week with classes Monday to Friday

Mode of Study
on campus

Pathway to university programs or personal development

Current events, documentary films, academic lectures, textbooks and academic articles in a range of fields including health, education, development studies, science, and international relations

Summary, essay and report writing, listening and note-taking, formal presentation skills, discussion skills, reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, library research skills.