IELI is not just an English institute; it’s an experience.

Delivering the highest quality English courses for all levels.
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The IELI Commitment

IELI is committed to working with students to provide the best English language education and service possible. We believe that communication is the key to providing good service and helping students get the most benefit from our programs.
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Welcome to the Intensive English Language Institute on the campus of Flinders University. We hope that you will not only learn English but also enjoy your experience in Australia.

IELI Student Testimonials

  • Studying in IELI was great experience for me and it was helpful to change my Learning period into earning period. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS WHO REALLY DO HARD WORK FOR US.

    Manpreet Dhindsa
  • The best if you want to learn English and ready to study so hard.

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  • I will forever be indebted to IELI teachers who worked tirelessly and patiently in helping me improve my English skills.Their professionalism and hardwork makes IELI produce the best students all over Australia.

    Winnie Mwangi
  • The best place to learn English. Good teachers and creative way of learning. Amazing 18 months of my life.

    Ahmed Alanazi
  • In short, this is the place I would recommend my friends to learn English at. It is a great school with excellent teachers. Thanks IELI! I wish I could turn back time and study at IELI again!

    William de Andrade
  • In IELI last year (( awesome 18 months in my life)) I experienced new, interesting and useful skills and numerous other things.

    I may not always say it, but I mean it whenever I say it. Thank Bonnie,Teachers and IELI for all the extra efforts you made to help us grow, and the challenges you encouraged us to face to help us become who we are in the university now.

    Strongly recommended for person who wants learn English ,not for failures who want the easy way to attend the Uni.

    Salah Alshehri
  • Great experience in IELI. I enjoyed the experience while learning not only grammar, but lots of new vocabulary on topics of interest. The teachers are amazing, committed, and concerned about the personal learning process of each student. There is also a great mix of cultures that only enriches the classroom. In short, 100% recommended.

    Natalia Alvear
  • A good choice for improving your English. We may not feel the improvement during the study, but the results of professional English test were always better than what we expected. We had a lot of pressure there, but I think that’s the way of improving. If you just want to enjoy the life in Adelaide, IELI is not a good place because you have to work hard. But if you really care about your English, I’d love to recommend this institute.

    Leeyne Cheung
  • All teachers in IELI are supportive and informative

    Alicia Cui
  • I will tell my friends that if you join IELI, you will be fluent and confident when you finish.

    Manpreet Kaur
  • IELI is the best place to learn English! I will never forget you! Thank you every teacher who learned me!

    Darya Smolina
  • I took IELI OET preparation class twice. One of them was a face-to-face class (…). Further, I took IELI OET online course. It was very helpful, too, when I prepared what questions I wanted to ask (…). I would really recommend the course to anyone who wants to pass OET.